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May 11 2014


naked Alexandra Breckenridge

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As we assembled Snakkle’s list of the most over-the-top American Horror Story moments of the season, we reached out to one of the cast members who caused a whole lot of trouble for Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) and his family for the majority of the season: actress Alexandra Breckenridge. As young Moira O’Hara, Breckenridge got to slither and saunter her naughty self all over the Murder House, tempting the very weak Ben with her body until he finally learned his lesson. Alexandra Breckenridge nude Snakkle: Moira comes off as a predator in most of the series until we finally learn how she was done wrong by a man and murdered by Constance (Jessica Lange). Did you know from the start how Moira died? Snakkle: Young Moira parades around in barely anything all season. Did you have any say in the getup? In the episode “Spooky Little Girl,” Ben finally gets that Moira, the hot, French maid seductress he sees, is in fact the old, wonky-eyed housekeeper (played by Frances Conroy) everyone else has seen from the moment the Harmons moved in. Ben’s shift in perspective allows him to see the truth, and it wipes young Moira away. Does that mean forever? Alexandra Breckenridge nude who else should see this list? Snakkle: Was there a lot of competition at the audition, and what was your angle on playing Moira? Snakkle: Moira, of any age, technically can’t leave the Murder House, so you could return? What do you think was the freakiest moment from season one of American Horror Story ? American Horror Story with Alexandra Breckenridge&body=http://www.snakkle.com/7-most-over-the-top-moments-on-american-horror-story-with-alexandra-breckenridge/"> {links}

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